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Gold Medals at the RockstAR race

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Crossing the Coulonge gorge at RTN Champs


'Bent through the mud

Richard's Recumbent

Richard's Off-road Recumbent 

Adventure Sports Magazine article on Richard's bike

Bentrider Article about Richard's bike- the world's only off-road racing recumbent

RTN Medalists

Medals from  RTN Canadian Championships 2005


Tree Huggers Generations in the lead at  ESAR

After RTN Mattawa

On the ropes in Charlevoix

Barb tries to recruit a new teammate- Ian Adamson, world AR champion



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The name "Tree Huggers" describes our team's single track biking technique. You'll recognize us on the trail when you see Richard's Recumbent Mountain Bike- one of the few in existence.

We're a group of longtime friends, including a married couple - weekend warriors who share a sense of humour and an amazing natural talent for purchasing outdoor gear. When asked about our athletic experience, we tend to change the subject.

It's been five years now since we were wandering in swampy circles at our first race (dnf @ ARC Muskoka), but we've improved since then and have  been on the podium  regularly.

        Breaking news:


Sept  09  Treehuggers 1st co-ed at Logs, Rocks and Steel.


Aug  09  Treehuggers 3rd co-ed at Bjorkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon in Sweden.


Jul  09  Treehuggers 2nd overall at RockstAR


Jun  09  Treehuggers 2nd overall (Richard, Tim, Tom) and 1st female (Barb, Christine, Kathy) at ESAR

May  09  Treehuggers 2nd Co-ed (by 10 seconds), 5th overall at FAC Deerhurst.

Apr 09  Treehuggers 2nd masters at Giant's Rib Raid

Richard runs Boston Marathon. Not on podium!

Mar 09
Richard and Barb do K-Rock Ultra ski 3-day in Yellowknife.

Feb 09
 Snowshoe Raid- Treehuggers (Richard, Eugene)
1st masters. Team Bash'N'Hammer (Barb, Mike) tie on points but 4 min. behind.

1st overall  at Thomass Palgrave, second win in a row.  Barb 1st female, 3rd overall.

1st masters at CNYO Snowgaine

Jan 09
1st overall  at Thomass Glen Haffy
2nd overall at Stars Winter Race, 1st co-ed.

Dec 08  Richard 3rd Canadian, 6th in his age group at Tuscon Marathon.

Nov 08 Treehuggers 2nd Masters at Raid the Hammer.

Nov 08 Treehuggers 2nd Masters at Raid the Hammer.

Oct 08- Richard and Angus qualify for Boston at the Toronto Marathon  (On a whim)

Sept 08-
Barb and Sian
1st female  tag team at Storm the Ten
Richard 1st 45-50 at Kinetco 10mile

Jul 08- RockstAR Treehuggers (Barb and Richard)
1st co-ed, 2nd overall.

Jun 08-

ESAR- Treehuggers (Richard, Angus, Tim)
1st Male, 2nd overall by 2 minutes.  Richard's Race Report
Into the Arctic (Barb, Corey, Carl)
1st civillian co-ed, 7th overall.  Wait for the video they shot! Barb's race report

 Navstock Raid- Treehuggers (Richard, Paul)
1st masters, 4th overall.

Mar 08-
 Barb 1st Female in Thomass series!

CNYO Snowgaine- 2nd co-ed, 4th overall.
Barb's Race report

Feb 08- Snowshoe Raid- Treehuggers (Richard, Angus) 1st masters, 5th overall.

Jan 08- Thomass  Vivien- Barb 1st overall,  Richard 5th.

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Getting ready for night coasteering.


Navigators at work


Richard on 'bent