Information for Patients: Removable Orthodontic appliances and retainers

You have just received your orthodontic removable appliance.

For the first day, you may try it in and out as much as you wish. Practice speaking with the appliance in your mouth.

On the second day, you should try wearing the appliance after school during the day. Try reading out loud, and practice saying “s” sounds. You may find your mouth has a lot of saliva in it, but this stops as you get used to it. You may need to drink more water than usual.

By the third day you should be ready to try the appliance all night. You should try sleeping with it in your mouth, and wear it after school. You should start sounding a little better by now.

By the fourth day you should be able to wear the appliance 24/7 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have to eat with the appliance in your mouth, and only remove it to brush it with a brush and toothpaste. Appliances that aren’t worn 24/7 take months or even years longer to work. Kids that wear them 24/7 sound fine with them in, but kids that only wear them part time don’t get used to them, and always sound a bit funny.

Never take the appliance out at a restaurant and wrap it in a napkin or tissue- kids lose a lot of expensive appliances that way. Believe it or not, dogs love to chew ortho appliances, but Rover doesn’t really need orthodontics. The appliance should always be “In your face or in it’s case”! Don’t put the appliance in your back pocket either, as it can turn into a pancake if you sit on it.

Once you are wearing it 24/7, you can start activating the screws if you have them. Follow our instructions, and usually you can turn the screw(s) twice a week. If you have any problems, please give us a call. If you can’t wear the appliance or turn the screws, we need to see you soon. Every week the appliance is not worn can set the treatment back 4 weeks.

Happy wearing!