Your First Visit

We are located in Palgrave Ontario
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For Adults:

If you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention we will see to it right away. Otherwise, we will do a complete dental examination, including low exposure digital X-rays to update your previous ones. We use a high-tech miniature video camera to examine your teeth at high magnification, and a diagnostic laser. We will take time to discuss our findings with you, show you what we find, answer any questions you may have, and help you set up a personal dental care program.

For Children:

We like to see kids and their parents quite early. Age 2 is often a good time for a “fun” visit. The kids have a chance to meet us and get used to our office. We give them rides in the chair and demonstrate what we do on a large stuffed animal. They can visit with Tobler or Mocha, the Labradors (our office mascots – see the staff page). We also take this time to discuss important preventive issues with their parents, and set up good dental habits. We will do a complete checkup, cleaning and fluoride (if needed) when your child is ready, usually at age 3 or older.

Please visit the Ontario Dental Association page for more information on your child’s first visit.

What to Bring:

On your first visit we will need some personal data and medical background information for our records. Please bring us:

Please fill out our medical history form (right-click to download on a PC, control-click on a Mac) and bring it with you. You may print this form out or we can fax or mail you one. For children, please fill out this children’s medical history form (right-click to download on a PC, control-click on a Mac).